"The mother should keep close to God, of whom the infant she bears within her is the image, the handiwork, the gift and the child. She should be for her offspring, as it were, a temple, a sanctuary, an altar, a tabernacle. In short, her life should be, so to speak the life of a living sacrament, a sacrament in act, burying herself in the bosom of that God who has so truly instituted it and hallowed it, so that there she may draw that energy, that enlightening, that natural and supernatural beauty which He wills, and wills precisely by her means, to impart to the child she bears and to be born of her." St. Zelie Martin

I recently found this quote from St. Zelie and felt convicted by her words of being a "living sacrament". The word sacrament means "sign of grace". What a beautiful visual and motto for a vocation, being a "living sign of grace" to the ones whom the Lord has asked you to serve.


For me, being a living sacrament to my husband and littles is being still and present. In this stillness the Lord is transforming my heart and challenging me to be more dependent on Him, more patient with the little hands trying to learn, more joyful in response to interruptions, and more grateful for this season.

I have been praying for a new creative outlet (as I've felt nudged to limit time on social media) to share what Jesus has put on my heart. We launched the website one year ago (AMDG), so it seems fitting that the Spirit has provided the words (and time!!) to begin writing in this space.  

My prayer and hope for our blog is to share words of encouragement that help deepen relationship with Jesus and our heavenly friends. Share ideas that will help build family culture and domestic churches as you raise saints for heaven. And share prayers, verses, and Saint quotes that bring the light of Christ into your days!

Our Lord, in His abundance, provides every grace we need for this Living Sacrament. May we seek to do His will daily, give Him praise for His many blessings, and grow in our love for Him.

St. Zelie Martin, pray for us.


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Thank you for doing this!!

Barb Janzekovich

So beautiful love this so much. The feminine genius of this precious saint is so beautiful. Marie thank you for directing our hearts closer to Jesus in your particular way. You are such an inspiration and my favorite thing is that all of us are apart of the beautiful body of Christ and that together we can do everything and without one another we cannot do anything, both heaven and on earth. Love saint Zelie and love your precious heart. Prayers for your precious family daily as we all continue on our path up to Heaven together encouraging each other

Stephanie Aug

Yay for the return to old-school blogs! I have loved beginning to follow along with longer-form writing from my favorite creators. Feels so much more grounded and intentional. Congrats on this new outlet, friend!


I’m so excited to read from your heart. Thank you for sharing with us! 🙏🏻

Katie Wester

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